Current Status: All systems operational

April 17th Github authentication

  • 13:59 CET April 17th Fix deployed, should work again.
    If you still have this issue, please let us know.
  • 13:11 CET April 17th Related to a Github API change, writing a fix now.
  • 11:57 CET April 17th Github logon does not work for some users. Investigating.

April 14th Some workspaces inaccessible

  • 22:37 CET April 14th Workspaces should be accessible again. Please inform support if not.
  • 21:58 CET April 14th Some workspaces appear to be inaccessible. Investigating...

April 9th Heartbleed

  • 19:01 CET April 13th We were informed that was still vulnerable.
    Fixed now. Thanks @Thewsomeguy_Rbx !
  • 11:34 CET April 9th The Cloud9 IDE servers have been checked and fixed.
    All servers have been tested clean.
  • 15:11 CET April 8th Heartbleed bug also affects Cloud9 IDE servers

March 14th Could not proxy request

  • 15:21 CET March 17th A second fix was applied.
    Fixed for all.
  • 14:58 CET March 17th Unfortunately the fix did not solve the issue for all.
    Continue investigation...
  • 11:11 CET March 17th Our workspace provider changed something in their proxy.
    We applied a fix on our side. All should work again.
  • 15:02 CET March 14th Issue is twofold: (1) an issue with apps proxy (running file).
    (2) workspaces hang upon waking up from hibernate
  • 11:07 CET March 14th Some users report 'could not proxy request' errors. Investigating.

March 13th Maintenance

  • 18:08 CET March 13th The migration is complete. We're monitoring the network.
  • 16:54 CET March 13th We're migrating a number of servers.

February 28th Github Clone

  • 20:11 CET February 28th Cloning repo from Github is fixed
  • 19:23 CET February 27th Cloning repo from Github via UI may result in error.
    Workaround: use 'git clone' via command line in terminal

February 26th Some workspaces inaccessible

  • 09:23 CET February 27th The restore process is completed. All workspaces are restored.
    If you still have an issue, please let us know.
  • 21:19 CET February 26th The restore process is ongoing, but within several hours
    all workspaces should be accessible again.
  • 13:18 CET February 26th Fix is applied, start restoring workspace access.
  • 11:23 CET February 26th We found the cause, preparing a fix.
  • 9:20 CET February 26th Users report upon opening workspace an error appears:
    Error: ssh process died with exit code 255.

February 8th specific workspaces not opening

  • 3:23 CET February 8th We found the cause and fixed the issue.
  • 2:31 CET February 8th Specific workspaces take long or fail to open, investigating...

January 10th npm command not working

  • 2:13 CET January 10th We found the cause and fixed the issue.
  • 1:31 CET January 10th npm command is not working in several workspaces, investigating...

December 20th Cloud9 IDE homepage slow/unresponsive

  • 15:01 CET December 19th The issue is resolved. All back to normal.
  • 11:27 CET December 20th Loading issue with our homepage. Please logon via your dashboard URL. Investigating.

December 18th Some workspaces and dashboard pages are loading slow

  • 12:32 CET December 19th The issue is resolved. All back to normal.
  • 12:13 CET December 19th Seems related to an analytics service that is used. Preparing workaround.
  • 11:56 CET December 18th Our monitoring system reports issues on some workspaces/dashboard. Investigating.

October 31st Some workspaces may suffer from degraded performance

  • 9:56 CET November 4th Redistribution of workspaces was successful, reducing the load on specific workspaces significantly
  • October 31stSome workspaces may suffer from degraded performance. We are investigating the cause in order to take the best measures to have it resolved. Unfortunately it may take some days before it is completely solved.

October 23rd Some workspaces are unreachable

  • 21:20 CET October 23rd Workspaces have been restored from backups.
  • 17:10 CET October 23rd Some workspaces are unreachable due to OpenShift hardware failure. If you experience any problems with your workspace, please contact us at Support.

October 21st Some workspaces are unreachable

  • 2:14 PM CET October 22nd The workspaces that have been unavailable due to a hardware failure are now restored. If you have questions or find problems, please contact us at Support
  • 9:23 AM CET October 22nd Openshift reported full status, workspace restore continues, expect to complete it soon.
  • 5:20 PM PST October 21st The issue is more serious than was originally estimated. We expect the workspaces to be restored in a few hours.
  • 9:00 AM PST October 21st Some workspaces are unreachable due to issues following Openshift Maintenance: OS status

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