Current Status: All systems operational.

March 24 Open dashboard returns proxy error

  • 23:24 PM CET Mar 24th Investigating... Work around: open workspace directly:<username>/<wsname>
  • 23:41 PM CET Mar 24th Issues resolved

March 20 Limited connectivity for Asia Users

  • 18:00 PM CET Mar 18th Investigating

March 18 Limited connectivity for Asia Users

  • 12:00 PM CET Mar 18th Investigating
  • 01:00 PM CET Mar 18th Fixed issues with Asia Servers. Some users might see workspace stuck message. Please report to
  • 03:00 PM CET Mar 18th We have unstuck workspaces for all the users which we can find. Please report to if you still see this message.

March 16 Limited connectivity in some regions

  • 8:15 AM CET Mar 16th Investigating
  • 5:36 PM CET Mar 16th Putting a fix in production
  • 6:30 PM CET Mar 16th Fix appears to have effect, systems returning to normal
  • 9:30 PM CET Mar 16th Monitored the service closely; everything restored to normal. Please contact support if you still experience any issues.

March 15 Some workspaces are inaccessible

  • 6:30 PM PST Mar 15th Investigating
  • 10:30 PM PST Mar 15th Issue resolved

March 13 Limited connectivity across regions

  • 1:30 PM PST Mar 13th Investigating
  • 3:30 PM PST Mar 13th Rolled out bandwidth limit improvements

Feb 27th Some workspaces not restoring

  • 4:11 PM CET Feb 27th Investigating
  • 4:22 PM CET Feb 24th All workspaces restoring successfully again

Feb 24th Some workspaces not restoring

  • 3:48 PM CET Feb 24th Investigating
  • 4:18 PM CET Feb 24th All workspaces restoring successfully again

Feb 18th Workspace creation taking longer than expected

  • 1:00 PM CET Feb 18th Investigating
  • 1:55 PM CET Feb 18th Issue resolved
  • 5:05 PM CET Feb 18th Experiencing some issues with restoring workspaces
  • 5:25 PM CET Feb 18th Resolved. If you cannot start your workspace, email
  • 5:43 PM CET Feb 18th Still experiencing workspace loading issues, investigating
  • 7:18 PM CET Feb 18th Issues resolved

Feb 11th Maintenance deploys

  • 4:00 AM CST Feb 11th Scheduled maintenance service on some US workspaces. Workspaces may be unavailable for max. 4 minutes.

Feb 10th Internal issues

  • 15:05 CET Feb 10th Experiencing issues with our proxy servers, some workspaces may be unavailable.
  • 15:20 CET Feb 10th Issues resolved

Feb 6th Connection issues

  • 21:52 CET Feb 6th Connection issues are resolved.
  • 21:13 CET Feb 6th Connection issues in dashboard and workspace.

Jan 29th Slow dashboard loading

  • 21:13 CET Jan 29th Networking issues are resolved.
  • 19:35 CET Jan 29th Currently experiencing issues with the dashboard and some workspaces.

Jan 29th Maintenance deploys

  • 14:42 CET Jan 29th Deploys second region successful.
  • 12:10 CET Jan 29th Scheduled maintenance service interruption. Workspaces may be unavailable for max. 4 minutes.

Jan 28th Maintenance deploy

  • 21:43 CET Jan 28th Service back online. Let us know if not.
  • 21:40 CET Jan 28th Scheduled 3 minute service interruption for small group of users

Jan 9th Several server errors

  • 17:18 CET Jan 9th Issues resolved.
  • 16:39 CET Jan 9th Experiencing server issues. Investigating...

Dec 19th Some users cannot logon or open dashboard

  • 21:10 CET Dec 19th Our monitoring system says it is resolved. Please let us know if somehow you still have issues.
  • 20:55 CET Dec 19th Appears to have been an issue with our hosting provider. Checking status now.
  • 20:45 CET Dec 19th Users have reported not being able to logon or open dashboard. We are investigating the issue..

Dec 16th Apps proxy in US regions have intermittent issues.

  • 12:00am CET Dec 16th Users have reported seeing an error page when trying to use the application proxy to preview their running application. We are investigating the issue..

Nov 18th Duplicate characters appearing

  • 10:00am CET Nov 18th An issue with duplicate characters appearing was addressed. If you experience an issue like this, please refresh your IDE or contact support.

Oct 29th Slow Workspaces

  • 2:00pm PST Oct 29th Issues where caused by misconfigured swap space and have been resolved.
  • 12:10pm PST Oct 29th We have gotten reports about slow workspaces and are investigating the issue.

Oct 23rd Some workspaces not connecting

  • 15:08 PST Oct 23rd Maintenance issues resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  • 14:31 PST Oct 23rd Some workspaces are unreachable due to unexpected issues while doing maintenance. Investigating and resolving now.

Oct 19th CDN in europe is not serving our files

  • 4:05 PM PST Oct 19th CDN has been redeployed to.
  • 3:00 PM PST Oct 19th In europe static resources (css,js,etc) are not being served properly. Triggering a new release to resolve.

Sep 17th Server reboots caused interruptions

  • 11:29 AM CET Sep 17th GCE major service disruption
    Services have been restored. All works again.
  • 10:57 AM CET Sep 17th Many servers rebooted causing errors and interruptions

Sep 4th Slow and unresponsive workspaces

  • 02:29 PM PST Sep 4th Solved, workspaces are responsive again
  • 11:11 AM PST Sep 4th Some workspaces are slow and unresponsive.

Sep 3rd Performing maintenance on some workspaces

  • 13:21 AM CET Sep 3rd Resolved
  • 11:00 AM CET Sep 3rd About 10 workspaces have connectivity issues, addressing issue..

Aug 29th Connectivity issues in Europe

  • 8:00 AM CET Aug 29th We are investigating connectivity issues in Europe
  • 11:00 AM CET Aug 29th Issue addressed

Aug 27th Hosted workspace performance

  • 11:40pm CET Aug 27th Took measurements and all systems are back and operational
  • 11:03pm CET Aug 27th Experiencing performance issues on hosted workspaces. Investigating...

Aug 17th Clone from URL

  • 11:59pm CET Aug 17th Fixed cloning.
  • 11:03pm CET Aug 17th Clone from URL may fail in some cases. Investigating...

Aug 17th Minor server maintenance

  • 4:00pm CET Aug 17th Minor server maintenance is being performed on some servers.
  • 6:00pm CET Aug 17th All updates performed successfully.

Aug 15th A few workspaces are slow and unresponsive

  • 2:00pm PST Aug 15th A docker host is unresponsive.
  • 5:06pm PST Aug 15th Workspaces have been restored.

Aug 7th Workspace creation issues

  • 20:34 CET Aug 6th Fix released, workspace creation should work again.
  • 17:36 CET Aug 6th Issues creating workspaces, error "UID not defined".

Aug 6th Decreased performance & restore times

  • 12:48 CET Aug 6th Created additional servers, issues should be resolved.
  • 12:12 CET Aug 6th Decreased performance due to heavy load. Investigating...

July 25th Some workspaces cannot be accessed

  • 20:00 CET July 25st Issue has not impacted for over 12 hours. All systems operational.
  • 3:16 CET July 25st Investigating some new reports, related to new workspaces.
  • 3:12 CET July 25st The workspaces are available again.
  • 1:19 CET July 25st Due to heavy load some workspaces cannot be opened. Investigating...
Beta Issues

July 21st [beta] Static Assets not available for subset of beta users

  • 4:36 PST PM July 21st [beta] Static assets uploaded. Fixed.
  • 3:43 PST PM July 21st [beta] Assets are not available. Uploading them.

July 17th [beta] Preview server

  • 22:37 CET July 17th [beta] Preview server issue resolved
  • 20:34 CET July 17th [beta] Preview server inaccessible. Investigating.

July 8th [beta] Some workspaces inaccessible

  • 0:58 CET July 9th [beta] Fixed it. Workspaces accessible again.
  • 0:00 CET July 9th [beta] Still some issues, working on it.
  • 23:50 CET July 8th [beta] IO issues are gone after reboot. Last server with previous architecture will be decommissioned.
  • 23:10 CET July 8th [beta] Some workspaces suffer from IO issues.

June 26th [beta] Some workspaces inaccessible

  • 10:02 CET June 26th [beta] Fixed it. Workspaces accessible again
  • 2:23 CET June 26th [beta] Some workspaces appear to be inaccessible. Investigating...

June 25th Proxy issue

  • 13:07 CET June 25th [beta] Proxy issue is resolved
  • 12:43 CET June 25th [beta] Proxy issue prevents opening several workspaces. Investigating...

June 15th Connectivity problems

  • 14:31 CET June 15th [beta] Resolved.
  • 10:00 CET June 15th [beta] Connectivity issue. Investigating.

May 28th Slowness

  • 23:40 CET May 28th [beta] Overall slowness. Possibly redis issue.
  • 0:15 CET May 29th [beta] investigating.
  • 0:45 CET May 29th [beta] Slowness caused by GCE network maintenance in USW where our redis master resides. Rollout of redis cluster should prevent issues like this in the future.

May 28th Application Proxy

  • 19:10 CET June 9th [beta] Fix rolled out for proxy issue.
  • 10:10 CET May 28th [beta] Application Proxy is serving files intermittendly.

May 22th Ubuntu workspaces

  • 3:41 PST May 22th [beta] Update of beta took down cluster.
    Should be resolved now. If you still find issues,
    please let us know (ticket or @c9support)
  • 3:10 PST May 22th [beta] Some users are not able to access Ubuntu workspaces
    (datacenter not set error). Investigating...
  • 23:06 CET May 22th [beta] Seemed high disk I/O was hogging all server resources.
    Should be resolved now. If you still find issues,
    please let us know (ticket or @c9support)
  • 22:03 CET May 22th [beta] Some users are not able to access Ubuntu workspaces.

Issues on old cloud9

May 18th Preview 502 errors

  • 16:21 CET May 19th Fix deployed. If you still find issues,
    please let us know (ticket or @c9support).
  • 09:55 CET May 19th Root cause found, preparing the fix.
  • 22:36 CET May 18th Preview functionality is broken for some users. Investigating...

May 5th Beta workspaces

  • 14:47 CET May 5th Due to yet unknown reason connection count was extremely high.
    After a reset all workspaces should be functional again.
  • 10:42 CET May 5th Some Ubuntu beta workspaces reported to be inaccessible. Investigating...

April 17th Github authentication

  • 13:59 CET April 17th Fix deployed, should work again.
    If you still have this issue, please let us know.
  • 13:11 CET April 17th Related to a Github API change, writing a fix now.
  • 11:57 CET April 17th Github logon does not work for some users. Investigating.

April 14th Some workspaces inaccessible

  • 22:37 CET April 14th Workspaces should be accessible again. Please inform support if not.
  • 21:58 CET April 14th Some workspaces appear to be inaccessible. Investigating...

April 9th Heartbleed

  • 19:01 CET April 13th We were informed that was still vulnerable.
    Fixed now. Thanks @Thewsomeguy_Rbx !
  • 11:34 CET April 9th The Cloud9 IDE servers have been checked and fixed.
    All servers have been tested clean.
  • 15:11 CET April 8th Heartbleed bug also affects Cloud9 IDE servers

March 14th Could not proxy request

  • 15:21 CET March 17th A second fix was applied.
    Fixed for all.
  • 14:58 CET March 17th Unfortunately the fix did not solve the issue for all.
    Continue investigation...
  • 11:11 CET March 17th Our workspace provider changed something in their proxy.
    We applied a fix on our side. All should work again.
  • 15:02 CET March 14th Issue is twofold: (1) an issue with apps proxy (running file).
    (2) workspaces hang upon waking up from hibernate
  • 11:07 CET March 14th Some users report 'could not proxy request' errors. Investigating.

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